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Fine Arts

ECS Band Program to Commence this Fall

This fall ECS will be expanding its Fine Arts program and adding an orchestra/band program.


New Music Teacher & Fine Arts Coordinator

This fall Mrs. Jamie Byrd will be the Music Teacher & Fine Arts Coordinator at ECS and is broadening the program and moving the emphasis toward an orchestra/band program.

Orchestra/Band Program

Orchestra/Band is available for students 2nd through 12th grades with separate lower and upper school band/orchestra, offering group lessons for each instrument category (brass, woodwinds, strings, percussion). Group lessons and development will grow students to be able to perform and minister in competition and church settings. The ECS band program involves a partnership with Bandland of Clarksburg for instrument rentals and acquisitions. A representative from Bandland is scheduled to come and present the program options to the students as well as do an “open house” at Bandland specifically for Emmanuel students to assess their instrument compatibility and needs. If a student already owns an instrument, Bandland does not charge to check it.

Homeschool Participation

Homeschool students are able to participate as well! There are options for full class credit or simply being involved in band or choir. See our Homeschool Partnership program for details.

Fine Arts Expansion

In addition to this exciting option, ECS will also offer the option of band, chess, debate, and photography during the upper school fine arts period.