Building Faith – Developing Minds

There are four P’s that outline our ministry priorities at Emmanuel, Philosophy, People, Program, and Place.

Our philosophy comes from the sufficient Word of God. ECS holds the same doctrinal statement as Emmanuel Baptist Church. The same doctrines that are proclaimed from EBC’s pulpit permeate the daily academics of the students at ECS.

Or next priority is our people. While our faculty and staff are very qualified for their positions, we are more concerned for their character than their credentials. Our teachers are born-again followers of Christ and are required to be active accountable members of Bible believing churches. They love God, teaching, and the students. They lead by example; they teach with competence, and they serve sacrificially.

Mrs. Nancy Mercadante

Mrs. Mercadante comes to ECS with many years of teaching experience in primary and secondary education in which she specialized in the subjects of Math, Economics, and ELL. She has a breadth of teaching experience in both AACS and ACSI Christian Schools in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Maryland. Before entering education she worked in the world of corporate finance…

Paula Robinson

Paula Robinson volunteers at ECS. Mrs. Robinson was a school nurse in Charleston, WV. Mrs. Robinson also has taught nursing and health education. As a BJU graduate, Mrs. Robinson has a strong conviction for Christian education. It is a blessing to welcome her to the school!