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2018-2019 Tuition Rates


New Family Registration
 Before May 25th $150.00
 May 26 –  $200.00
Re-enrollment Fee per Family
March 1-May 25th $100.00
May 26-June 30 $150.00
July 1 – $200.00

2018-2019 Tuition                                       Annual                  Monthly*

K3 1/2 Day (MWF) $1,900 $158.33 (12 Month) – $190 (10 Month)
K3 Full Day (MWF) $2,600 $216.67 (12 Month) – $260 (10 Month)
K4 1/2 Day $2,900 $241.66 – (12 Month) – $290 (10 Month)
K4-8th Grade $3,800 $316.67 (12 Month) – $380 (10 Month)
9th-12th Grade $4,000 $333.34 (12 Month) – $400 (10 Month)

ECS utilizes the services of FACTS/Renweb to allow families to make tuition payments based upon their preferred schedule. Unless the entire bill is paid before the beginning of the school year, each family is asked to establish an account with FACTS. Payments may be made via a checking or savings account, or a credit/debit card. FACTS charges an annual service fee based upon payment plan option. Visit this FACTS link to set up an account.

*You may choose one of the following payment options: annually, semi-annually, quarterly, or monthly by 10 or 12 months.

Available Tuition Discounts
  • Multi-Child Discount: Families with 2 or more children at ECS receive the following tiered discount on tuition. The discount is applied to the tuition of the younger child.
    • 2nd Child – 20% Discount
    • 3rd Child – 40% Discount
    • 4th Child (plus additional children) 60% Discount
  • Vocational Ministry Discount: Area pastors, missionaries, and other full-time ministry workers are eligible to receive a family discount on tuition. Please contact the school office for details.
  • EBC Family Discount: Covenant Members at Emmanuel Baptist Church are eligible for to receive a family discount/credit on tuition. Application for this credit must be made annually using the Church Member Tuition Credit Application form. Please contact the school office for details.
  • Employee Discount: Faculty and staff at Emmanuel are eligible to receive discounted tuition for their own children. Please contact the school office for details.

Services Fee

Due by August 1st. (This fee reflects the
costs associated with the following services: IOWA testing, technology, classroom materials, activities, science lab fees, graduation for K4, K5, and 12th grades, WVCEA dues and building maintenance. Fees, however, are representative of each grades’ needs and requirements.)

K3/K4 $175.00
K5 $200.00
1st-11th $225.00
12th $275.00

Book Rental/Consumable Fees

Due by May 31st (or at registration, whichever is first)

K3 K4 K5 1st-6th 7th-12th
$150.00 $200.00 $350.00 $400.00 $300.00

Athletic Fees

$60 per student per sport.

Fine Arts Fees

Fine Arts Fees vary depending on the number of categories in which students compete.