Building Faith – Developing Minds

2017-18 ECS Teachers

We are excited about the upcoming 2017-18 school year. What makes ECS such a special place is by far its teachers. Here is our “starting lineup” of teachers this year.


  • Pre-K, Mrs. Barbara Philips: She needs no introduction, she’s the hall of famer of our Pre-K Program.
  • Kindergarten, Mrs. Elizabeth Tichinel: Our designated hitter who bats 1000 every time. She’s back at the plate in the kindergarten room.
  • 1st Grade, Mrs. Jennifer C. Wiechers: After coming back to the sport last year, she’s back at 1st base (grade) where she feels “at home.”
  • 2nd Grade, Mrs. Sheila Law: Veteran player returns to the 2nd grade. She loves this sport and loves those in her class.
  • 3rd Grade, Mrs. Chrystie Saab: Rookie player with years of experience in the minor leagues (former early childhood education instructor) steps in with a triple play.
  • 4th Grade, Mrs. Mary Heinrich: Stepping out from the bullpen, she’s been working on her pitches all summer, Mrs. Heinrich will be teaching 4th grade this year.
  • 5th Grade, Mrs. Debra Gower: Coming back from an “all star” teacher of the year, Mrs. Gower returns to 5th grade.
  • Middle & High School History, Miss Hannah Law: She came up through the ECS farm system, Miss Law returns -you’re watching “history” in the making.
  • Upper School English & Speech, Mrs. Donna Tallman: We’re excited to pick up this “free agent” from Buchannon. Former school administrator, published author, and college professor, she returns to the high school stage with so much to offer we could write a “speech” about it.
  • Middle & High School Science and Math, Mrs. Amber DeGroff: Our 1st round draft pick. She brings “nerd pride” to complete her piece of the pi 🙂 to our science and math department.
  • Music & Fine Arts, Mrs. Jamie Byrd: Yogi Berra has nothing on this music teacher’s “Perfect Pitch” 🙂 She’s the player coach of all things fine arts.
  • Upper School Bible, Pastor Jayson Byrd & Mr. Jim Carder. Continuing the tradition of Mr. Fitch, they’re the “punishers” (yes pun intended). There might not be a good joke told all year, but students will learn the truth of the scriptures.
  • Administration & Upper School Math, Mrs. Nancy Mercadante: In the fashion of Joe Girardi, she’s a coach and a player. She returns for her 2nd season at ECS.