Building Faith – Developing Minds

School Night March 20th

Dear ECS Family,

I wanted to invite you all to some special activities at our church this coming week. Please, don’t miss your own church’s services, but if you’re free on other night or are looking for a church please take this as my personal invite to you.

Some of you will remember in 2015 the Coffey Team was here before, but for those that weren’t, it’s kind of like having a conference for Christians along with some events for those that are still exploring faith and looking for answers. You can find more information on our website.

One night that I want to especially tell you about is Tuesday, March 20th at 6:30 PM. We’recalling this “School Night.” It’s for the whole family. A nursery will be available as well as a kids program called “Agents of Light.” We want to encourage as much of our ECS family to be there as possible. To that end, there are some incentives. The class with the highest participation and total guests will receive either an ice cream sundae party (K3-6th) or off campus Mexican lunch (7th-12th).

Hope to see you there,

Jayson Byrd