Our commitment to Christian education necessitates a quality curriculum that recognizes the centrality of Christ in all of life. ECS seeks to utilize curriculum that:

  1. Shapes and supports a Biblical understanding of reality. Recognizing that faith and learning cannot be separated, we know “The earth is theĀ Lord‘s, and the fulness thereof; the world, and they that dwell therein.” (Psalm 24:1, KJV).
  2. Is academically excellent and rigorous. Our curriculum challenges students in content appropriate to the academic level and related to each subject.
  3. Encourages critical thinking. Teaching students not just “what to think” but also “how to think” and analyze information and ideas.
  4. Grows Christian character and virtue in the hearts and minds of our students. Education is not only about what our students learn, but the type of people they become.

Because of these commitments, the majority of ECS curriculum is currently sourced from (but not limited to): aBeka Books, BJU Press, and Saxon Math. Click on the images for more information. We are currently in transition to a more classical model of education, and as we constantly seek to grow and develop as a school changes to our curriculum may occur but will continue to reflect our commitment to a thoroughly Christian education.

aBeka Books