How can a young person of any age pursue interests in acting, photography, singing, and/or playing a musical instrument? Through the fine arts program at Emmanuel Christian School. Emmanuel Christian School conducts a variety of fine arts activities.

As part of its ministry to the community, the students of Emmanuel Christian annually present a Christmas play which combines both acting and singing. The play includes students from all grades of the school.

The highlight of the fine arts program of the school is the American Association of Christian Schools annual competition. Incorporating over fifty different activities, this competition is divided into three grade levels:

  • Elementary (4th-6th)
  • Junior High (7th-9th)
  • Senior High (9th-12th)

For the elementary and junior high grade students, the state competition includes Bible based activities (such as Sword Drill, Bible Quiz, and Bible Memory), music (both vocal and instrumental for individuals and groups), art (including drawing, painting, and photography), drama (including humorous interpretation, duet acting, and interpretation of poetry), and academics (tests in most school subjects). The school competes with over 20 other Christian schools across West Virginia at the annual state competition.

The annual senior high competition includes most all of the above competitions with the addition of several others, including various preaching categories, choric speaking, reader’s theater, and debate. Similar to the elementary and junior high competitions, the school competes with over 20 other Christian schools across West Virginia at the annual state competition. However, for those students that receive first place awards, they are rewarded with a trip to the national level competition at Bob Jones University in Greenville, South Carolina. For each of the past six years, Emmanuel Christian School has represented the state of West Virginia in a variety of categories, including Bible Quizzing, humorous interpretation, vocal ensemble, algebra/geometry, and biology. Most notable of the state championships is choric speaking. Choric speaking is an oral group presentation utilizing some or all of the following techniques: unison speaking, solo speaking, vocal effects, word color, dramatic climax, and group movement. Characters are not to interact with each other as they do in Duet Acting. For five of the past six years, Emmanuel Christian has been the state champion in choric speaking. Last year, Emmanuel Christian presented one of the top six performances in the nation.

If a young person can play an instrument, sing well, can act, can memorize Bible verses, can paint, can take quality photographs, can draw, makes crafts, can spell, and/or can preach, he/she can compete for a national championship – an opportunity not available at most schools in this area.